Signs of Emotional Abuse

Being in a relationship is complicated, messy, and sometimes even frustrating. However, with hard work and dedication, it can also be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. Unfortunately, there are many relationships that are far from the fairytale that the individuals had hoped for. Over the last few decades, the signs of a physically abusive relationship have […]

8 Qualities of a Good Friendship

Valentine’s Day is intended to celebrate love between two consenting people. It symbolizes a bond that brings fulfillment into the lives of many. While this can seem highly exclusive towards those who are single or those who have lost a loved one, the principles that come with choosing a mate can also be applied to […]

4 Things You Can Say to a Friend with a Mental Illness

We all have a friend with mental illness, but it is possible that you just don’t know because it’s not an easy subject to bring up. On top of that, you probably want to be sensitive to your friend’s conversational boundaries, so you steer clear of talking about anything related to mental health. Well, what […]

Live a Balanced Life: Mental Health

Live a Balanced Life: Mental Health  To complete my series on living a balanced life this year, I hope that you have could find some simple, helpful information to improve areas of your life that you may have previously ignored. While I believe that choosing the right areas to improve is relative, your personal happiness […]

Living a Balanced Life: Emotional Health

Living a Balanced Life: Emotional Health Because of all that is going on socially and politically, among ourselves, family, friends, communities, and the nation as a whole, there are many reasons why many people are experiencing almost an emotional “sickness”. Regardless of your political affiliation, I am confident that you have felt hurt, scared, or […]

Live a Balanced Life: Social Health

Part of living a balanced life this year is making socially healthy decisions. This aspect of health is trickier than others because we all need to find a balance between what we can control and what we need to allow others to control. On the University of New Hampshire’s website, they describe the signs of […]

Live a Balance Life: Physical Health

This month I will be discussing four areas of your health that we can all commit to keeping healthy this year. Starting with physical health, then social health, emotional health, and mental health. The goal this year is to just live a balanced and therefore meaningful and enriched life where no aspect of your well-being […]

Before Stage 4 Identifying Mental Health Conditions

If you haven’t heard of the website or the program B4Stage4, it would be worth your time to do some research about it. To get you started, here is a crash course: Stage 4 is often attributed to the stages of cancer or other potentially detrimental physical diseases, but as you can guess this also […]

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