The Origins of Alcohol Awareness Month

The effects of alcohol use are well-known and information about alcohol in general is easily accessible. So why would we need to have a month dedicated to alcohol awareness? It is because of a few factors. The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) clearly states that the purpose is to “help reduce the […]

6 Spring Activities In Oregon and Washington: 2017

This winter seemed to be unnaturally cold and rainy, which says a lot for the pacific northwest in my opinion! This spring couldn’t have come any faster. Now that I have checked spring cleaning and storing winter clothes off my list, I figured it was time to compile a list of pretty neat things to […]

Is Stress Necessary? Stress Awareness Month

Okay, so maybe you’re getting tired of someone attaching some theme to every month. Hear me out on this one, though, because there is a trend in our society that I think is causing more harm than good. One example that comes to mind is Arianna Huffington. If you aren’t familiar with who she is, […]

4 Ways You Can Contribute to Alcohol Awareness Month

It’s that time: Alcohol Awareness Month. While it may seem like alcohol awareness is a done deal- we all know that it negatively affects many people- there are many reasons why we need to always remember the potentially damaging effects of alcohol. With each new generation, there are still large numbers of adolescents and adults […]

What to Expect with Outpatient Recovery Programs

While many people benefit from residential treatment care for alcohol and drug use recovery, outpatient treatment is a viable option for many. If you aren’t quite familiar with the different treatment options, there are many ways to customize your care. However, there are only really two different base treatments: inpatient and outpatient care. Inpatient care […]

4 Misunderstandings about the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

About 130 million people on our planet are affected with hearing loss. About a third of them are children, and about half of all hearing loss is considered preventable. Because this can be considered a common condition, it is important to be aware that the deaf and hard of hearing often have their own unique […]

5 Ways to Respond to Insensitive Comments About Mental Illness

Having a mental illness is sometimes debilitating, embarrassing, and misunderstood. Many people want to say things like, “you’ll get over it” or “maybe you just need a hobby.”  While these comments might have good intentions, they can also be hurtful or insensitive in the least. In all honesty, some people just don’t understand. When I […]

Bipolar Disorder: What it is and isn’t

Throughout my life I have heard many people refer to someone as being “bipolar” but never understand the true meaning of that word. Most often, it is used to describe a person’s mood swings however minor or major. While mood swings in some way are a part of the disorder, it is not a complete […]

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