4 Father’s Day Appreciation Ideas

Father’s Day may seem to be in the shadow of Mother’s Day, but it’s significance can mean just as much to this parent as it does to the other. If you are feeling a little unsure about what meaningful gift you can get, consider these options. Give the gift of charity. Do you have a […]

4 Tips for Improving Sleep

Have you ever heard people you know talk about how little sleep they got the night before for some reason or another? I have, and sometimes it seems like they are almost proud of the fact. When I was in college, I knew plenty of students who would buy energy drinks to study all night […]

How can you help a friend with an eating disorder?

You’re worried about your friend and you’ve seen the signs: excessive drop in weight over a short period or appearing “gaunt”, talking obsessively about food (and this is a new topic rather than someone who has always appreciated food or can be considered a “foodie”), excessive exercise, and constantly skipping meals or vomiting. Now, I […]

The Mental Health Benefits of Yoga: Is it true?

We’ve discussed yoga before and emphasized the physical and mental benefits. These benefits include increased happiness, better focusing skills, and lowering risks of drug abuse. However, as I was thinking about this, I wondered if there was an empirical evidence to show the benefits. Logically, it does make sense that yoga would have mental health […]

4 Ways to Holistically Spring Clean

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be all physical work, but it can incorporate all different kinds of ways to feel refreshed and slough off the winter blues. For its major purposes, I think of spring cleaning as a way to revisit resolutions and feel accomplished for following through with a task. Whatever your reasons for […]

Gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day: 5 Ways to Show Her You Love Her

Growing up and watching commercials around Mother’s Day, I thought that the ultimate gift was an expensive necklace, a bouquet of roses, or a spa package. I figured that when I could afford those things, I would get her these types of gifts every year. Now that I am a mother of two young children, […]

May: National Physical Fitness Month

May in the Pacific Northwest doesn’t seem like May in every other area of the U.S., am I right? We still get lots of rain and cloud cover, but the temperatures do get slightly warmer…at any rate, don’t let it be an excuse not to start being more active! Why? I think that this is […]

The Origins of Alcohol Awareness Month

The effects of alcohol use are well-known and information about alcohol in general is easily accessible. So why would we need to have a month dedicated to alcohol awareness? It is because of a few factors. The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) clearly states that the purpose is to “help reduce the […]

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