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In the News:

May 2017 – Lifeline Connections launches Sobering Unit SURV Vehicle, welcomes community donations

(Vancouver, WA) – Lifeline Connections’ Sobering Unit opened in January 2015 to provide a safe place for adults who need to sober up from alcohol or drug intoxication. The unit provides a cost-effective and appropriate alternative to emergency rooms or jail, and gives people a chance to learn about and consider treatment options.

The need quickly grew and bed capacity expanded a year later. Now a mobile resource is improving access to the unit. The SURV (Sobering Unit Response Van), a multi-passenger van donated by the Clark County Sheriff’s office, is available to pick people up in the community and transport them to the unit when referred by law enforcement or local hospitals.

SURV operates from 3:00 pm to midnight seven days a week and is staffed by medically trained personnel.  The van is equipped with basic supplies such as water, nonperishable food, and hygiene items donated by the community. The van is also equipped with Narcan, a medication that blocks or reverses the effects of opiates such as codeine and heroin, effects which can lead to overdose or even death. Having Narcan available through SURV is one more tool the community is using to address the opioid epidemic in our region.

At the Sobering Unit, individuals can stay for up to twelve hours.  They are given a brief medical exam upon arrival and provided a safe, warm, clean place to sleep.  A counselor is available to engage the person in community services such as treatment, housing or health insurance. The goal is to help the individual stop the cycle of substance use and to address other chronic problems that accompany it. Since substance use disorders are frequently tied to homelessness, the unit plays a critical role in helping people begin to build stability into their lives.

The SURV vehicle welcomes donations of nonperishable food, hygiene items, bottled water and other personal supplies. Tax-deductible in-kind and cash donations can be dropped off at the unit located in the back of the Center for Community Health on the VA Campus at 1601 E. Fourth Plain Blvd, Bldg #17, Vancouver, WA 98661.  Call 360.397.8500 for more information.

Since 1962, Lifeline Connections has provided behavioral health treatment and recovery services in Southwest Washington. Through the use of superior customer service, high quality programs and a well trained and dedicated staff, our mission is to inspire hope and support life saving changes for people affected by substance use and mental health conditions.

March 2017 – Lifeline Connections offers Aftercare for Life!

(Vancouver, WA) All patients who have completed Lifeline Connections outpatient programs are now welcome and encouraged to join the Monthly Recovery Skills group held the 4th Thursday of each month from 6-7:30pm in the County Conference, room 210C.  Sessions are conducted by certified counselors and include topics such as nutrition, family dynamics, managing depression and anxiety, relapse prevention, etc…

This program enhances other support programs that are sponsored by Lifeline Connections Alumni Committee.  Alumni lead open AA meetings are held on the 2nd Wed and SMART Recovery meetings are held on the 4th Wed of each month at 6:00pm in the County Conference, room 210C.

October 2016 – Lifeline Connections selects local citizens to receive annual awards

(Vancouver, WA) – Lifeline Connections has selected Armando Herrera to receive the 2016 John Cox Award of Excellence and Olivia Resnick to receive thOe 2016 Community Partner Award.




The John Cox Award of Excellence is given to individuals in our community who are vocal supporters of chemical dependency and mental health treatment. Armando Herrera has been a strong advocate for behavioral health treatment in our community for many years. He is dedicated to making sure behavioral health treatment is accessible to all so individuals can get the help they need to find and achieve recovery. Armando has served on many county and state committees and was a past board member of Lifeline Connections.


The Community Partner Award is given to individuals in our community who partner with Lifeline staff to provide comprehensive and support services to Lifeline patients. Oliva Resnick was selected because of her passion and tireless efforts in helping to secure housing for all members of our community.



Olivia is the Housing Solutions Director at the Council for the Homeless. Olivia has shown a passion towards helping individuals in our community find safe and affordable housing. She currently serves on Lifeline Connections’ Sobering Unit Advisory Board and had been instrumental in helping individuals who access sobering services find and secure affordable housing.



Lifeline has a 54 year history of providing mental health and substance use services to Southwest Washington residents. As a leading provider of behavioral health services in the region, Lifeline is honored to recognize the valuable contributions of Armando Herrera and Oliva Resnick make in serving the residents of Southwest Washington.

July 2016 – Lifeline Connections Awarded Three-Year CARF Accreditation

CARF_Gold_cmyk_900px(Vancouver, WA) – CARF International announced that Lifeline Connections has been accredited for a period of three years for its Assertive Community Treatment (i.e. COMET Program), Detoxification, Substance Use Disorder Intensive Outpatient, Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health Outpatient and Substance Use Disorder Residential Treatment programs. This is the first accreditation that the international accrediting body, CARF, has awarded to Lifeline Connections.

This accreditation decision represents the highest level of accreditation that can be awarded to an organization and shows the organization’s substantial conformance to the CARF standards. An organization receiving a three-year accreditation has put itself through a rigorous peer review process. It has demonstrated to a team of surveyors during an on-site visit its commitment to offering programs and services that are measurable, accountable, and of the highest quality.

Lifeline Connections is a not-for-profit organization serving SW Washington with offices in Vancouver, Orchards, and Camas. It has been providing behavioral health services to the residents of SW Washington since 1962.

CARF is an independent, nonprofit accrediting body whose mission is to promote the quality, value, and optimal outcomes of services through a consultative accreditation process and continuous improvement services that center on enhancing the lives of the persons served. Founded in 1966 as the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, and now known as CARF International, the accrediting body establishes consumer-focused standards to help organizations measure and improve the quality of their programs and services. For more information about the accreditation process, please visit the CARF website at

May 2016 – Lifeline Connections’ Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program receives $5000 Award from the American Psychiatric Association Foundation

Deaf Services(Vancouver, WA) – Lifeline connections is honored to receive the American Psychiatric Association Foundation Award for Advancing Minority Mental Health. This award recognizes psychiatrists, other health professionals, mental health programs and other organizations that have undertaken innovative and supportive efforts to raise awareness of mental illness in underserved minority communities, increase access to quality mental health services for underserved minorities, and improve the quality of care for underserved minorities, particularly those in the public health system or with severe mental illness.

Lifeline Connections’ Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program is one of only a small handful in the nation—less than half a dozen—that provides treatment for drug and alcohol addiction in American Sign Language (ASL). Since the program began in 2001 a deep trust has grown between the region’s deaf community and the team at Lifeline Connections. Staff members have tenaciously hung onto their commitment to serve this population in spite of funding shifts that dramatically reshaped services the past several years.

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program’s goal is to help patient’s live clean and sober lives and effectively integrate into their communities in ways that assure their continued sobriety and health. Many patients remain connected with the organization through its Alumni Program and claim sobriety and recovery spanning up to thirteen years.

Funds from the award will be used to provide patient incentives, to purchase educational materials and provide specialized training for staff members. Lifeline Connections recently signed a service agreement with the state of Oregon that allows the program to serve Oregonians.

April 2016 – Lifeline Connections’ Sobering Center is distributing naloxone to help save lives

Naloxone Kits 04216 003-cropped(Vancouver, WA) – Lifeline Connections’ Sobering Center is contributing to the national goal of reducing the number of opiate overdose deaths by distributing the antidote naloxone whose trade name is Narcan™. Heroin and prescription pain pills (e.g. morphine, codeine, oxycodone, methadone and Vicodin™) are all opiates. Excessive amounts of opiates can depress and/or stop breathing, which leads to overdose and in some situations death.

After a dose of naloxone the individual should begin to breathe normal and then it becomes easier to wake them. Naloxone begins working within 5 minutes. A second does maybe necessary if the individual is still showing signs of overdose. Naloxone comes in both injectable, which is injected into a muscle, and nasal spray and lasts 30-90 minutes. Lifeline is distributing the injectable form. The kits being distributed include two syringes, two doses of naloxone, a mouth protector, a pair of plastic gloves, alcohol swab and instructions that include calling 911.

The initial distribution of 18 packages will be given to Sobering Center patients as requested or on a first come first serve basis. Casey Pickard, Lifeline’s Sobering Supervisor, was happy to see this project come to fruition. “To provide the ability to prevent unnecessary death means we make a difference in that individual’s life, in the lives of their family and in the community. To hand out the first kit was very rewarding.”
The Sobering Center offers persons over the age of 18 a safe environment in which to overcome the immediate effects of alcohol and/or other drug intoxication. This includes persons apprehended by police who are impaired, as a diversion from jail. Local emergency departments also refer impaired individuals that do not present immediate medical needs. The service operates free of charge to Washington State residents and is a 20 bed inpatient program, which is open 24 hours a day seven days a week with a maximum 12 hours length of stay.

I love recovery adFebruary 2016 – Comedian Bob Perkell to perform at Clark College I love reco♥ery FUNdraiser Event

(Vancouver, WA) –Lifeline Connections’ Alumni Committee is hosting the I love reco♥ery Fundraiser Event. This family friendly event features comedian Bob Perkell Friday February 26th from 6-9pm at Clark College’s Gaiser Hall.

Bob’s performance is energizing as he brings strength and hope to all. Bob has appeared on Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing, and Show Time.

There is no charge for the event but donations are strongly encouraged. Raffle tickets will be available for purchase with gift baskets, gift cards, and tickets to Portland Winterhawks games among the many prizes. The evening will begin at 6:00pm with a dinner buffet featuring pizza, soda and dessert. Money raised will be used to support Lifeline Connections’ Alumni Program.

Lifeline Connections’ Alumni Program was established in 2013 with the goal of supporting individuals in recovery from behavioral health conditions through networking and family friendly events.

December 2015 – Lifeline Connections honors local citizens with annual awards

(Vancouver, WA) – Lifeline Connections has selected Pastor Bill and Vicky Smith to receive the 2015 Lifeline Connections John Cox Award of Excellence and Patty Katz to receive the 2015 Community Partner Award.
2015 Bill & Vicky Smith 3 croppedThe John Cox Award of Excellence is given to individuals in our community who are vocal supporters of chemical dependency and mental health treatment. Pastor Bill (PB) and Vicky Smith continually champion the need to support Lifeline’s programs, and just as importantly, provide support to Lifeline clients who are in recovery. For nearly ten years they have been there for hundreds of men and women at their lowest. When folks have hit their absolute bottom they have provided them with spiritual guidance through their work at Grace Ministries.

PB and Vicky promote recovery through advocacy, support, education and service. Their efforts offer support to people in recovery, by coordinating and linking people to services and reaching out to the community to promote recovery.


PattyKatz_JLUSA15_05The Community Partner Award is given to individuals in our community who partner with Lifeline staff to provide comprehensive and support services to Lifeline clients. Patty Katz was selected because of her passion and tireless efforts to bring recovery out of the shadows. Patty is well known as a founding member of Hands Across the Bridge, now the largest National Recovery Month event held west of the Mississippi, with more than 3000 people attending each year on Labor Day.

“Patty has been an inspiration to all who have come in contact with her. She has worked long and hard for the rights of those in recovery from addictions and mental health conditions. She is an example of what positive impact one person can have when advocating for those in recovery. Lifeline has always been proud to work alongside Patty to advocate for those in recovery in our community.” Jared Sanford, CEO.

Lifeline has a 53 year history of providing mental health and chemical dependency services to Southwest Washington residents. As a leading provider of behavioral health services in the region, Lifeline is honored to recognize the valuable contributions Pastor Bill Smith, Vicky Smith and Patty Katz make in serving the residents of Southwest Washington.

November 2015 – Lifeline Connection mass marketing awareness campaign

Chamber ad(Vancouver, WA) – Lifeline Connections has launched a public awareness campaign that has expanded to mass media. The first ever Lifeline commercial is currently airing on local television stations and bus ads are running on C-Tran buses. Additional marketing is in place for billboards, direct mail, online advertising, Pandora, local newspaper ads, national publications, and local support of two high school sports teams.  The focus of the advertising is to increase enrollment in Lifeline’s mental health programs at the two new east side locations (Orchards and Camas) and to educate the public on the many services offered through Lifeline Connections.  Keep an eye out for us!  Check out our commercial!

October 2015 – Lifeline Connections to Host  Open Houses – Public Welcome

Orchards Open House(Vancouver, WA) –Lifeline Connections will host an open house at each of their two new satellite locations. The first will take place Tuesday, October 20, 2015 from 4-6pm in Camas at 329 NE Lechner St, Camas. The second one will be held Thursday, October 22, 2015 from 4-6pm at the Orchards location 11719 NE 95th St, Vancouver, WA.

These free events are open to the public and will highlight the services provided at the new locations. Attendees will have the opportunity to tour the facilities, enter to win raffle prizes and meet staff. Light refreshments will be served.

These two new locations provide East County resident’s more convenient access to mental health services and include easy access to public transportation. There has long been a gap in East Clark County for mental health services. The opening of these two locations begins to fill that gap.

Lifeline’s 53 year history of providing mental health and chemical dependency services to SW Washington includes the full spectrum of treatment services for chemical dependency and mental health disorders for adults. One unique program includes an outpatient deaf addictions program that is one of only a few in the nation.

September 2015 -Lifeline Connections expands mental health services to Camas/Washougal

Front of Direct Mailer(Vancouver, WA) – Adults living and working in East Clark County now have the option of accessing mental health services in Camas/Washougal. Lifeline Connections opened a mental health office treating the full range of mental health conditions Monday, September 21st. The office is located at 329 NE Lechner Street, Camas.

The opening of the Camas location is the third mental health office for Lifeline Connections including the main office located in the Clark County Center for Community Health Building. The Orchards location opened in late July. Funding for the expansion is provided by Southwest Washington Behavioral Health who administers and coordinates public mental health services in Clark and Skamania Counties.

Office hours at the new location are 9:00am-5:00pm Monday – Friday. Services include psychiatric medication management, individual counseling and group therapy. The office is staffed by certified mental health professionals with additional resources available for case management and peer support specialists. While licensed to treat all mental health conditions, the professional team at this location has expertise in treating trauma, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and veterans.

Individuals interested in accessing services should call 360.397.8246 and press 3 for the admissions department. Lifeline accepts all major insurance as well as Washington Apple Health.

Lifeline Connections hires Joe Foster as Chief Financial Officer

Joseph_Foster_1- cropped(Vancouver, WA) – Lifeline Connections, a behavioral health organization with offices in Vancouver and Orchards, WA, recently hired Joe Foster, MBA, CMA as their new Chief Financial Officer.

Foster joins Lifeline Connections after seven years at Concordia University, Portland OR where he played key roles including Director of Operations & Data Management, Director of Accounts Receivable and most recently Business Systems Analyst. He began his professional career as the Director of Finance & Operations at Santa Barbara Rescue Mission, Santa Barbara, CA after graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts from Westmont College, Santa Barbara, CA. Joe earned his MBA with an emphasis in Operation Management from Concordia University, Portland, OR. Joe is also certified as a Management Accountant.

Joe is a family man who enjoys spending time with his wife and one year old daughter Lily. He also describes himself as a data nerd, and a thrill seeker, including cliff jumping, Spartan Racing or anything that presents a challenge. He finds fulfillment in helping organizations and individuals overcome obstacles, and is honored to be given the opportunity to serve as Lifeline Connections’ Chief Financial Officer.

August 2015 – Lifeline collaborates with 2nd Step Housing to end homelessness for addicts

Kauffman House, Jason & Bruno, Fitness Room 003(Vancouver, WA) – A natural partnership between two local non-profit agencies provides much needed housing and support services to people looking for a fresh start after years of addiction and mental health struggles. Lifeline Connections, a behavioral health organization that treats mental health and substance use disorders, and Second Step Housing, a provider of affordable housing linked to case management have formed a partnership to better serve Clark County residents challenged by addictions, mental health disorders and homelessness.

The Kauffman House is a six bedroom home that provides adults with histories of addiction and homelessness the opportunity to build a positive rental history and connect with employment opportunities and other support services that help them prepare for permanent unsupported housing. Applicants must be active clients of Lifeline Connections and agree to participate in activities that maintain sobriety, increase income and reduce or eliminate the often lifelong barriers to self-sufficiency. Adherence to these program guidelines can result in a good rental history, increased income and the potential to facilitate a smooth transition to permanent non-supported housing.

Tenancy in the Kauffman House quickly filled to capacity. Current cropped gardenresidents have already begun to take ownership by building garden boxes and planting vegetables and flowers. They collaborate to share resources, maintain the house and yard and they mediate all conflict issues. Everyone in the house engages in treatment and other sobriety support services and all are is actively seeking employment with two residents already employed.

Second Step Housing has a 90% success rate in moving both individuals and families through the various steps of housing to the ultimate goal of permanent independent housing. The impact for Clark County means that 225 adults and approximately 200 children each year are in homes. Now, because of this collaboration between two non-profit agencies, one more segment of the population has the opportunity for stable housing while building skills, in their recovery, from substance use and mental disorders.

July 2015 –  Lifeline Connections expands mental health services to Orchards

Front of Direct Mailer(Vancouver, WA) – Adults living and working in East Clark County will soon have the option of accessing mental health services in Orchards. Lifeline Connections will open a mental health office treating the full range of mental health conditions Monday, July 20th. The office is in the Eastridge Business Center located at the corner of NE 117th and 95th at 11719 NE 95th Street, Suite A, Vancouver.

This is the first expansion for Lifeline Connections since moving into the Clark County Center for Community Health Building in 2006. Funding for the expansion is provided by Southwest Washington Behavioral Health who administers and coordinates public mental health services in Clark and Skamania Counties.

Office hours at the new location will be 8:00am-6:00pm with some evening appointments available and possible expansion of future weekend hours. Services include psychiatric medication management, individual counseling sessions and family therapy. A family group along with other mental health groups will be offered at this location. The Orchards office will offer a licensed clinical team that includes mental health professionals, advanced registered nurse practitioners, licensed marriage and family therapists, licensed clinical social workers, case managers and peer support specialists.

Individuals interested in accessing services should call 360.397.8246 and press 3 for the admissions department. Lifeline accepts all major insurance as well as Washington Apple Health.

June 2015 – Lifeline Connections teams up with a Leadership Clark County team to help change the stigma of addiction

Best(Vancouver, WA) – A team from the 2015 class of Leadership Clark County spent the last nine months working with people in recovery from drugs and alcohol to capture their stories of recovery and create a book: Lifeline Changed My Storyline.

The complex and chronic brain disease of addiction is often mistaken as a choice instead of a life-threatening illness that can be medically treated. Addiction is seen as a desired lifestyle, rather than a coping mechanism often adopted after surviving adverse childhood experiences.

Lifeline Changed My Storyline celebrates the lives of 14 survivors who are living in recovery. They see their journey as an opportunity to educate the community about a life beyond substance use disorder. The book honors a system of hard-working professionals that actively work to make our communities safe and more vibrant places for us all to live.

Lifeline Changed My Storyline is very short with only 42 pages. Individuals are encouraged to take just a few minutes to read these stories and be inspired to help move our community beyond the myths and stigma that make it hard for person living in recovery to come out of the shadows and tell their stories.

The book made its debut at the Lifeline Connections Alumni Summer BBQ and Jail Break Fundraiser Saturday, June 20th at Faith Center, 10702 NE 117th Ave, Vancouver, WA 9862 where books were presented to participants  Books are available for purchase for $20.00 and can be purchased at the event or by contacting Lifeline Connections at 360.397.8246 or

Alumni Summer Jail Break and BBQ

BBQJoin us for a fun family friendly fundraising event the evening of Saturday, June 20th beginning at 4:30pm with a BBQ dinner followed by a church service by Pastor Bill at XChange Church at 6:00pm. Activities will begin at 7:30pm with karaoke, dunk tank, pie eating contest, bounce house, fish pond, raffles prizes, snow cones, and much more!

The event is held at Faith Center, 10702 NE 117th, Vancouver, WA.  All are welcome to attend!  All proceed benefit Lifeline Connections Alumni Committee.   Come out and join in on the fun!


Camas Farmers Market Health and Wellness Fair

Camas Farmers Market(Vancouver, WA) – Wednesday, June 3rd 3:00-7:00pm is the kick off to the 2015 Camas Farmers Market. In holding with tradition, the opening night will have a theme of health and wellness featuring vendors whose business focus is improving health.

Lifeline Connections will be one of ten health vendors with a focus on educating the public about best health practices and how to bring life back into balance. Lifeline’s interactive booth will include a Plinko game allowing players to win prizes for correctly answered questions, giveaways, t-shirt sales, including the new “Fighting for a Better Community” t-shirt designed by a Lifeline client.

Other health and wellness vendors include vision, hearing and dental offices, yoga and Pilates studios, a dance academy and adult fitness vendor, and physical therapy and chiropractic offices.

The evening promises to be lively with face painting for kids, food vendors including Gyros, BBQ, baked goods, roasted nuts, warm waffles and scones, all with live music throughout the event.

The market is located on 4th Ave between Everett & Franklin, downtown, Camas, WA

May 2015 – Mental Health Awareness Month

get informed

Addressing mental health before Stage 4—this year’s theme for May is Mental Health Month—calls attention to the importance addressing mental health symptoms early, identifying potential underlying diseases, and planning an appropriate course of action on a path towards overall health.

Research shows that by ignoring mental health symptoms, we lose ten years in which we could intervene in order to change people’s lives for the better. During most of these years most people still have supports that allow them to succeed—home, family, friends, school, and work. Intervening effectively during early stages of mental illness can save lives and change the trajectories of people living with mental illnesses.

People who are exposed to adverse childhood events including abuse, neglect, divorce, witnessing domestic violence and having parents who have substance use uses, mental illnesses or are in jail are: 2.6 times more likely to have depression, 5 times more likely to have serious alcohol problems, 3 times more likely to have serious job problems, and 17 times more likely to have learning or behavioral problems.  Here are more fun filled facts.

 April 2015 – Alcohol Awareness Month

NCADD_Alcohol_Awareness_Month_2013-_LogoEach April since 1987, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. (NCADD) sponsors NCADD Alcohol Awareness Month to increase public awareness and understanding, reduce stigma and encourage local communities to focus on alcoholism and alcohol-related issue.

The disease of alcoholism is a family disease that is treatable, not a moral weakness, and people can and do recover. In fact, NCADD estimates that millions of Americans and their families are living lives in recovery from alcoholism.

An integral part of NCADD Alcohol Awareness Month is Alcohol-Free Weekend, which takes place on the first weekend of April (April 3-5, 2015) to raise public awareness about the use of alcohol and how it may be affecting individuals, families, businesses and our communities.

During Alcohol-Free Weekend, NCADD extends an open invitation to all Americans to engage in three alcohol-free days.  Those individuals or families who experience difficulty or discomfort in this 72-hour experiment are urged to contact local NCADD affiliates, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and/or Al-Anon to learn more about alcoholism and its early symptoms.

March 2015 – Sobering Unit

This community resource offers individuals under the influence of substances to safe medically monitored place to sober up.  Once sober the individual is offered the opportunity to meet with a counselor who can assist them in access resources such as housing, food assistance, help in signing up for healthcare, along with drug and alcohol treatment.

As of March 1st there were 363 admits.

  • 79.5% were walk-ins or self referrals
  • 7.5% were referred by the Emergency Department
  • 6% were brought in by an acquaintance or family member
  • 3.5% were brought in by law enforcement
  • 3.5% were referred by Lifeline staff

February 2015 – Lifeline Alumni to host “Giving it Back”

Lifeline Connections Alumni will host “Giving it Back” I love recovery! Friday, February 27, 2015 from 6-9:00pm at Clark Community College Gaiser Hall.  The event is free and open to the public.  It will feature dynamic speakers from Vancouver’s recovery Community along with resource tables, free pizza and door prizes.  Giving it Back

December 2014 – New Sobering Unit Opening

Lifeline is pleased to announce the opening of a Sobering Unit January 5th.  The unit will be located on the first floor of the Clark Count Community Health Building and offers the community, including hospitals, law enforcement and emergency personnel, a safe plaice to bring WA residents, for up to 12 hours, who are under the influences of substances.

The goal is to provide coordinated care, relieve emergency departments and jails, and reduce public intoxication crimes.  Services include 24 hour medical and support staff along with case management.  To be admitted to the unit individuals must be 18 years of age, under the influence of drugs or alcohol and able to comply with the program rules.  For more information contact

Sobering Unit



November – Lifeline featured in the Sunday Oregonian

JeanaLifeline was featured on the front page of the Sunday, November 2, 2014 Oregonian to kick of The Oregonian’s Season of Sharing with the headline “A Lifeline for those drowning in addiction“.  Former client Jeana Perkins shared her story of recovery.

Lifeline is one of 15 Portland/Vancouver area non-profits selected for this year’s campaign. The Season of Sharing shines a spotlight on nonprofit social service agencies that help individuals and families throughout Oregon and southwest Washington.

Last year, 2,423 donors responded by contributing $250,000. Since 1990, donors have contributed more than $4 million to make a difference for those in need. This year, the money will be shared among the Oregon Food Bank and the agencies highlighted. A share of the proceeds will also help provide holiday stockings to needy children.

October -Executive Award Winner and Open House

Open House

Open House crowdLifeline hosted an Open House Wednesday, October 22, 2014 in the Clark County Center for Community Health Building.  The highlight of the event was listening to the stories of recovery from Lifeline Alumni with a heartwarming spur of the moment request to speak from 10 year old Aaron.  He thanked Lifeline “for helping his mom and dad stop using drugs”.  The approximate 75 attendees viewed story boards that highlighting each program at Lifeline and met and mingled with Lifeline alumni and staff.

Executive Award Winner – Cathy Owens, RN, MSN, ARNP

Cathy Owens - Executive Award WinnerCathy was awarded the Lifeline Connections Executive Award at the quarterly October Employee Luncheon Thursday, October 16, 2014.  This award is given to an employee who was nominated for at least one On-the-Spot award by their supervisor and at least one quality award by their peers during the quarter.  Cathy has accepted additional responsibilities and went above and beyond to make sure clients needs always came first during a period of change and transition.  Congratulations Cathy!

September 2014 – National Recovery Month

Join Lifeline in celebrating National Recovery Month. The month of September is to celebrate the journey and achievements of the millions of Americans who are in recovery from a mental and/or substance use disorder.  Join with Lifeline in supporting the local celebration scheduled for the weekend of September 12th – 14th. All events are free and open to the public.

Friday, September 12th – Recovery NW Project, Red Lion in at the Quay, 8:00am – 4:15pm (.pdf)

Saturday, September 13th – Recovery NW Project, Red Lion in at the Quay, 8:00am – 3:00pm (.pdf)

Saturday, September 13th – Clark County Recovery Forum, Red Lion in at the Quay, 5:00pm – 8:00pm (.pdf)

Sunday, September 14th – Recovery walk from Red Lion in at the Quay to Esther Short Park, 10:00am – 12:00pm (.pdf)

Sunday, September 14th – Hands Across the Bridge, Esther Short Park 12:00pm – 1:00pm (.pdf)

Sunday, September 14th – Oxfest, Esther Short Park, 1:00pm – dusk


July 2014 – Lifeline Connections Award Winners Announced

(Vancouver, WA) –Lifeline Connections has selected Harold Rains to receive the 2014 Lifeline Connections John Cox Award of Excellence and Marcy Jordan-Carlson to receive the 2014 Community Partner Award.

2014-07-02 Harold Rains (2)The John Cox Award of Excellence is given to individuals in our community who are vocal supporters of chemical dependency and mental health treatment.  Harold Rains has been a vocal advocate for Lifeline’s programs. He has always championed the need to support Lifeline’s programs financially, which allows Lifeline to continue to provide high quality services to over 3000 clients annually.

Harold is the Finance and Contract Manager for the Clark County Department of Community Services.  Harold’s background includes working in the oil and gas industry for 20 years as an International Audit Manager and prior to coming to Clark County he worked with the State of Oregon Health Division as an Accounting Manager.

2014-06-26 Marcy Jordan 3Marcy was selected because of her passion for individuals that struggle with chemical dependency and mental health disorders.  Part of Marcy’s passion stems from her own life experience as a person in long term recovery. The Community Partner Award is given to individuals in our community who partner with Lifeline staff to provide comprehensive and support services to Lifeline clients.

Marcy’s current position at the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), as a Financial Service Specialist 4, allows her “to bring the voice of the client to the table”.  Her passion is to be the voice for those that don’t have one…until she can show them that they really do have one and how to share it!

Lifeline has a 52 year history of providing mental health and chemical dependency services to SW Washington residence. As a leading provider of behavioral health services in the region, Lifeline is honored to recognize the valuable contributions Marcy and Harold make in serving citizens.

Lifeline is honored to work with Harold and Marcy to better serve the residence of SW Washington.

May 2014 – Three Grants Awarded!  Lifeline Connections is the recipient of three grants.  Thank you to:

  • The Camas/Washougal Community Chest for the donation of gas vouchers and bus passes to be used by Camas/Washougal residence for transportation to Lifeline, in Vancouver, for chemical dependency assessments thus providing more people access to treatment.
  • Pfizer Charitable Trust for the donation of funds to purchase smoking cessation materials helping to improve the lives of clients and their families.
  • Firstenburg Foundation for the donation of funds allowing Lifeline to purchase a multi-passenger vehicle allowing transportation of clients to appointments and recreational activities.

April 2014 – April is Alcohol Awareness Month with the weekend of April 4-6 designated as alcohol free by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD).

Alcohol Awareness Month, a nationwide campaign intended to raise awareness of the health and social problems that excessive alcohol consumption can cause for individuals, their families, and their communities. Excessive drinking is a dangerous behavior for both men and women. This year, CDC is drawing attention to the risks to women’s health from binge drinking, the most common type of excessive alcohol consumption by adults. Click here to learn more about:

  • Binge Drinking and Risks to Women’s Health
  • Gender Differences and Alcohol Consumption
  • Risk for Sexual Assault
  • Risk for HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Alcohol Consumption and Pregnancy
  • Alcohol Consumption and Chronic Disease

Kleen Street Community Club Grand Opening Saturday, April 12, 2014, 12-5pm

Kleen Street community club is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting individuals in recovery.  The group provides a safe drug and alcohol free environment collectively based on the principles of 12 step recovery programs and spiritual principles.  This includes meetings, fellowship, educational activities, youth programs, community outreach and social events. The result is the enhancement of the lives of people in recovery and the communities in which they live. Available meeting space is open 7 days a week and holds over 100 people for weekly AA, NA, OA, Al-Anon, Altateen meetings as well as 12 Step Speaker Meetings and fun recovery and community family friendly events. Meeting schedule (PDF)

The family friendly Grand Opening  includes food, games, raffles, speakers, vendors, and music.  Come and join in on the fun!

September 2014 – Recovery NW Project, September 12-14 

The Recovery NW Project is an event planned by people in recovery, for people in recovery, the people who support their recovery, and their loved ones.  This is a collective group of all types of entities in Washington and Oregon with a common goal of bringing recovery awareness to the local, regional and national communities.

  • September 12-13, 2014 – Two day conference for people in recovery.  Red Lion at the Quay
  • September 13, 2014 – Clark County Recovery Forum. Red Lion at the Quay
  • September 14, 2014 – Hands Across the Bridge. Esther Short Park
  • September 14 – 2014 – Oxfest. Esther Short Park

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